WAAS – The Milky Way

Sarah Dixon, @arachnez, is a socially engaged artist based in Stroud. The term artist encompasses such a wide range of talents, interests and work. She paints, creates participatory experiences and runs workshops for expectant and new mums. This list is not exhaustive! 

Sharon Bennett, @sharonbennettartist, is a socially engaged artist based in Stroud. Often working with community groups, artists or family and friends she blurs the boundaries between the traditional positions of artist, artwork and audience.

Sarah & Sharon are founding members of WAAS, Women’s Activation System’. In August 2021, The WAAS were commissioned by an AHRC funded consortium of Manchester Metropolitan University, Social Art Network and Axis for Social Art for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (SAFEDI). Together they explored the National Gallery in London, with participants including women in pregnancy, a grandmother, a doula and women with new babies. They then devised a game-activity for National Gallery visitors to play – with a board, stickers and a map of the paintings featuring breastfeeding around the Gallery. As participants find the paintings, they place a sticker on the board.

I joined them in London to document the game being played. These images will be used for website and social media content as well as future funding applications. This strong visual record of the game being played really show’s off all the incredible hard work involved. When combined with participants comments about their experiences the photographs give depth and colour to the artists story.



Extended Family Photography

Extended Family Photography

So many families find themselves living spread out across the globe. It's not often they all get together and having an extended family photography session is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion! Amy's family were celebrating her father-in-law's birthday and the...

Family Summer Shoot

Family Summer Shoot

Lucy, Matt, Flora & Rosie joined me on an extremely balmy evening last summer. It's a beautiful time of day to capture delicious golden light. For outdoor family photoshoots I will bring a lens with a long focal length. It creates blurry backdrops and is an...

Double exposure of the Valleys around Stroud

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