Interactive workshops exploring photography, in the beautiful surroundings of the Stroud valleys.

A rustic shed covered in flowers

Group Photography Workshops

Birthday parties, family groups, creative day for adults, 11+ 

3 hour workshops, £25pp, 4-6 people

5 hour workshop, £45pp, 4-6

Join me and learn how to use your camera in manual mode. We start with a non-techy presentation about the exposure triangle. You'll learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO combine to make pictures. We’ll use guided activities to try out blurring backgrounds, freezing motion and capturing flowers in all their details.

Girl taking photographs during course
Boys taking photographs around Painwick

You’ll gain a good feel for how the exposure triangle can be controlled to make creative decisions. We’ll take a look at composition & colour theory before heading out into nature to experience connecting with the natural environment through our cameras.

Catherine will be on hand for hints, tips & troubleshooting. After the course you will be emailed a PDF copy of her presentation. You'll leave in full creative control of your camera!

 What’s included:

User friendly Canon cameras

Private online gallery to print, share & download your photographs

Colourful ‘How to Guide PDF’, covering the course

Boys taking photographs during a photography workshop

Where & How 

Workshops can be run from Catherine’s home in Sheepscombe, near Stroud, from your own home in Gloucestershire and Hackney. 

Workshops are suitable for beginners or as a refresher. Perfect for anyone wanting to move on from camera phones or aperture priority mode. They are fun, creative and teach us how to look at the world in new ways!

Find out if a workshop is for you. Send me an enquiry or give me a call to chat about the details. If you decide to book a workshop we will discuss suitable dates. I have availability weekdays and weekends and will always try to fit you in!

Picture of a butterfly at Rococo Gardens

Student Work

Student work from photography workshop
Student Photography Example
Students works from photography workshop
Example photography from children's workshop
Example of kids photography
Student work from photography workshop

Catherine knows her craft. Explains everything very well. She is warm, friendly and enthusiastic. My daughter and her friends had a lovely afternoon.

Sheree Drake

Gift Vouchers

Introduction to Manual Workshop £90


The perfect gift for anyone age 10+ who is interested in progressing their photography.

For people receiving a camera for Christmas or anyone with a DSLR hanging around in a drawer! 

3 hour in-person Intro to Manual Workshop – £90

Includes a presentation followed by 2 hours of shooting practise. Take home a packed PDF, full of all the technical bits and bobs.

Workshops are available at your home in the Stroud area & Hackney.

To purchase please email

Gift Certificate for Workshop
Photography Workshop Gift Card

Quick Links 

People taking part in shoot in manual workshop

Schools Photography 

Photography workshops for schools and after school clubs in the community. 


How To Shoot In Manual

3 hour workshop learning how to master your camera and get shooting. 

Rule of thirds composition

Mindful Photography

Mindful photography workshops and 1 to 1’s. 

My 11 year old daughter recently attended one of Catherines photography courses and had a great time. Catherine was both approachable and knowledgeable – my daughter felt instantly at ease. A lot of what she learnt that day she is now applying to taking photos on her phone and has inspired her to look at things differently. 

Vicki Smart

About Me


I have a BA and MA in Philosophy and in my 20’s worked for an educational charity organising public philosophy events. I was fascinated by the Philosophy of Mind which led me to devour popular neuroscience and psychology books. So when my first two children were small I completed a Psychology conversion degree, and I was absolutely hooked. I loved all of it.

Later I studied for a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Science and worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry at University College London. I worked with young people experiencing first episode psychosis, as we looked at an intervention to help them reduce their cannabis use. Then my third child was born and the pandemic happened.

We uprooted to the beautiful valleys of Stroud and my photography hobby took on new levels. Photography helped me cope with the isolation of being with a 3 year old. I honed my skills while we roamed around together. The creative process helped keep me stimulated. I met communities of photographers through online training courses and through Instagram and Facebook. Just like my older kids relied on social media to speak to their friends I was finding a whole new world of fellow camera addicts.

I learnt editing, shooting and studio lighting, all through online courses. I have come full circle since discovering Mindful Photography. It turned out that the activities I was seeking out for myself had a name! I have now completed a Mindful Photography facilitators programme, qualifying me to run workshops based on the evidence based methodology of Look Again.

I’m currently enrolled on a post-grad online course in Therapeutic Photography with Robert Gordon University. I’m looking forward to learning about the theories underpinning Therapeutic Photography and bringing that knowledge to the workshops that I develop.

I fiercely believe that creative hobbies and the communities we find through shared passions can be life changing. Creativity enriches our lives, renews our purpose and presents new perspectives. I love photography for it’s accessibility. You don’t need to have penmanship or hands that mould clay. These days you don’t even need a camera. All you need is your smart phone.


Would you like to know more? If you have any questions I’m very happy to get on the phone for a chat. Drop me a line below. 

Catherine Harder Self Portrait

Double exposure of the Valleys around Stroud

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