Interactive workshops exploring mindful photography techniques in the beautiful surroundings of the Stroud valleys. 

A rustic shed covered in flowers
An iPhone picture of bluebells

Notice the beauty of your everyday through a joyful, accessible and creative process. 

Mindful Photography has been shown to reduce stress, improve mental well-being and encourage a nature connection. By focusing our attention on the present it provides a nurturing moment of calm.  

Join a sociable session, connect with nature and release your creativity! I offer Mindful Photography taster sessions, workshops and 1 to 1’s in Stroud.

What is Mindful Photography?


Outdoor Mindful Photography workshops explore turning your awareness to the present moment. Take a moment to pause, be still and be aware of the nature surrounding us. A welcome break from hectic schedules, mindful photography brings a moment of peace in a busy world. 

 Ruth Davey of ‘Look Again’, Gloucestershire defines it as 

Mindful photography is a tool that uses our sight and the lens of a camera or smart phone as an anchor to help us become more consciously aware of and connected to the present moment. It is experiencing the process of creating photographs in a non-judgemental way, with gratitude and compassion towards ourselves, others and the world around us. It enables us to slow down, look, look again and see our lives differently. Ruth Davey (2020)  

 Ruth runs mindful photography course for individuals, schools, communities and organisations. She’s worked with the University of Gloucestershire to build up an evidence base showing the benefits of mindful photography. They’ve evaluated both in-person and online workshops. 

‘Mindful Photography is effective in promoting mental health and well-being.’

Engage with Your Community with Fresh Eyes, Preliminary evaluation of mindful photography as an intervention to support wellbeing
By Sumner, R. C., Hughes S. & Crone, D.M. (2019). ISBN: 978-1-86174-263-6


Their two research reports suggest that Mindful Photography has several benefits, including: 

Increases in mental health & well-being

Decreases in anxiety & depression 

Increases in social connection 


There are some really promising indicators that mindful photography workshops are an accessible and low tech intervention that can help individuals and organisations look after their well-being. It’s safe to say that getting together with others to spend time outside and learn a new skill is lots of fun! 

The Look Again facilitators programme has prepared me to deliver workshops and taster sessions using the Look Again evidence based methodology.  


What to Expect

Mindful Photography Activities 


We start with short guided meditations. If you’ve ever tried body scan exercises in a yoga class you’ll be familiar with the idea. Then through short activities we’ll use our cameras or mobile phones as a tool to create and examine different perspectives.

You can expect a creative brief to immerse yourself in and permission to switch off and relax. 

You don’t need to be an accomplished photographer to participate, although you are very welcome! This is not about the tech! Mindful photography is a creative activity that’s wonderfully accessible to everyone. All you need is a phone camera to join in.

Workshops have a maximum of 10 people attending. 

collage of manmade objects found in a garden
A collage of pictures from a mindful photography workshop.
A collage of images on the theme of water

Collages made during Mindful Photography workshops exploring man made objects, shadows and water.

How to Book

Iphone Photograph looking up into trees

Stroud taster session and workshop dates  will be announced soon. 

Contact me for information about 1 to 1 sessions or organise your own workshop for friends, minimum 6 participants required to run a workshop.

1.5 Hour 1 to 1


2 Hour Group workshop

£25 per person, minimum 4 people 

About Me 


I have a BA and MA in Philosophy and in my 20’s worked for an educational charity organising public philosophy events. I was fascinated by the Philosophy of Mind which led me to devour popular neuroscience and psychology books. So when my first two children were small I completed a Psychology conversion degree, and I was absolutely hooked. I loved all of it.

Later I studied for a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Science and worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry at University College London. I worked with young people experiencing first episode psychosis, as we looked at an intervention to help them reduce their cannabis use. Then my third child was born and the pandemic happened.

We uprooted to the beautiful valleys of Stroud and my photography hobby took on new levels. Photography helped me cope with the isolation of being with a 3 year old. I honed my skills while we roamed around together. The creative process helped keep me stimulated. I met communities of photographers through online training courses and through Instagram and Facebook. Just like my older kids relied on social media to speak to their friends I was finding a whole new world of fellow camera addicts. 

I learnt editing, shooting and studio lighting, all through online courses. I have come full circle since discovering Mindful Photography. It turned out that the activities I was seeking out for myself had a name! I have now completed a Mindful Photography facilitators programme, qualifying me to run workshops based on the evidence based methodology of Look Again

I fiercely believe that creative hobbies and the communities we find through shared passions can be life changing. Creativity enriches our lives, renews our purpose and presents new perspectives, with which to see the world. I love photography for it’s accessibility. You don’t need to have penmanship or hands that mould clay. These days you don’t even need a camera. All you need is your smart phone.

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Girl taking photos during shoot in manual workshop

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Rule of thirds composition

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Mindful photography workshops and 1 to 1’s. 


Would you like to know more? If you have any questions I’m very happy to get on the phone for a chat. Drop me a line below. 

Catherine Harder Self Portrait

Double exposure of the Valleys around Stroud

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