How to shoot in manual 

I am passionate about sharing my love of photography with others. If you have a camera gathering dust or a new one to play with this experience is for you. 

Girl taking photos during shoot in manual workshop
People taking part in shoot in manual workshop

In this 3 hour introduction to shooting in manual, you will learn how to find correct exposure. We’ll cover how to bend the rules and get creative. I will talk about your camera in a clear accessible way so that we can start taking pictures during the session. You’ll go home ready to keep practising and building on your new skills. 


Girls taking photographs on a camera workshop in Stroud


1 to 1’s – £90

Groups min 4 people / max 6 – £25 per head


  • Location can be decided. Either meet me in Sheepscombe or I can travel to you. My incredibly easy to understand presentation is ready on my laptop, wherever we meet. 


  • Weekdays 10-1pm,  Saturday afternoons 1pm onwards, Sundays 


  • Suitable for anyone over the age of 10 who has an interest in learning to use their camera.


Give yourself an opportunity to appreciate the beauty in everyday details whilst mastering a skill. 

Photography is an incredible hobby. Once you’ve got control of your camera you can start to take fantastic portraits of your family, collect landscape images and experiment with macro.

For me it’s a creative outlet that allows my mind to rest. Take a break from constant demands on your time and focus purely on the present moment. 

Digital photography brings immediate feedback and is not hard to learn. It’s loads of fun and I can give you a massive head start with this introductory workshop. 

“I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of this course. Catherine is just so so lovely. I especially loved taking portraits of other people. On the Thursday we switched from colour to black and white, this was a really fun and different experiment. I really do hope that Catherine does more of these workshops / courses in the future.

We used a variety of lenses on the cameras and we went to many locations dotted around Painswick. I now know all the buttons on the camera and what they do. This has inspired me to start using / involving photography in my GCSE’s and my artwork in the future.”

Harriet, age 14

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People taking part in shoot in manual workshop

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Girl taking photos during shoot in manual workshop

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Double exposure of the Valleys around Stroud

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